Being Deployed From Hawaii? What To Do With Your Car

deployed from hawaii

If you’re in the Army at Fort Wheeler/Schofield Barracks or in another branch of the military whether the Navy, Marines, or Air Force, you may wonder what’s the best way to handle your car if you’re being deployed from Hawaii.

You may have given thought to shipping your car overseas, if it’s a POV (privately owned vehicle). However, in addition to substantial shipping costs (which could be more than the value of your car), there are a myriad of hoops to jump through. For instance, you’ll have to bring proof of entitlement (copy of official orders and amendments), proof of identity, proof of ownership, and additional documentation if your vehicle is leased, has a lien, or if someone who is not the service member will be shipping your car. There are lots of other rules regarding what you can and cannot leave in your vehicle, how much fuel should be in the tank, the operating condition of the vehicle, etc. To put it in simple terms, it can be an expensive and complicated process.

Of course if you have family members who live in the Honolulu area it may be possible to leave your vehicle with a relative for safekeeping. Many in the military do not have family living in the vicinity, so they have to choose between selling their used vehicle to a lemon lot/individual or shipping it overseas. It’s also important to consider your used car’s value, as you probably don’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars shipping your car if it’s worth little more than that to begin with.

Moving off the island can be a huge chore when you’re deploying, depending on the amount of belongings you’re taking along, whether you’re married and your family is moving with you, and other factors. If you decide to sell your used car for cash in Honolulu, you’ll want to get a used car appraisal.

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