Car Buyers In Honolulu – For Consumers, Safety Beats All

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Recently, a study conducted by J.D. Power revealed that when it comes to consumers and car-buying, safety technology trumps entertainment and convenience. The company came to the conclusion that automakers should perhaps focus on investing in safety technology first, before entertainment features.

As car buyers in Honolulu, we buy used cars from those who are being deployed and who are in the military, or anyone who simply needs immediate cash for his/her vehicle for any reason – whether to pay bills, go on vacation, or just have a little extra spending money. We thought readers might be interested to learn why safety technology is more important to consumers than entertainment or convenience gadgets.

In the 2015 U.S. Tech Choice Study, it was found that the most valued features for consumers include enhanced collision mitigation and night vision systems, along with blind-spot detection and prevention systems. Given that more vehicles are becoming available with autonomous driving features, consumers have a need for increased safety, particularly collision protection.

Also in the top five safety technologies preferred by consumers when it comes to fully autonomous, limited autonomous, and traffic-jam assist driving levels were self-healing paint, and rearview camera and monitors.

The study, which included the participation of more than 5,300 consumers, found that when it comes to solar glass roofs and other energy-efficient technologies, consumers had very little interest. The study also revealed that when it comes to smartphone connectivity, interest was only “lukewarm.”

It’s clear that consumers are becoming more concerned about safety as the auto industry continues to roll out advanced technologies. What’s your take on the growing autonomy of today’s vehicles?

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