Car News – Tesla Instructed To Stop Using Autopilot In Car Ads

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Recently, it was announced that automaker Tesla was asked by Berlin to stop using the misleading term ‘autopilot’ in its car advertisements. According to news reports, Germany officially made the request in the days after authorities warned owners of Tesla vehicles the feature was not for full self-drive, but instead for assistance. As a company who buys used cars for cash from military members and civilians in the Honolulu area, we’re always interested in the latest car news!

How did Tesla respond? The company is still standing by statements made in the past, saying that drivers are warned that although the vehicles are equipped with the autopilot feature, they must still pay attention to the road at all times. A spokeswoman for Tesla said that, when compared to manual driving, the autopilot feature simply provides an additional layer of safety and reduces the workload of the driver, much like an airplane on autopilot.

As a motorist, would you trust ANY vehicle to drive on its own without your assistance or attention, even if it was equipped with a full self-drive feature?

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