Cash For Cars – Average Age Of Cars On U.S. Roads In 2015

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It seems like every other car you meet on the roadways is a newer model, but according to a survey conducted by IHS Automotive less than a year ago, the average age of vehicles on the road over the last couple of years is 11.5 – and that’s a record high, according to the survey.

Don’t worry, though. Plenty of Americans are buying brand spanking new cars, to the tune of about 17 million annually. So, how can it be that new car sales are hitting high numbers while at the same time, the average age of a vehicle is 11.5 years? It’s fairly simple, really. Many of those who purchase a new car keep their old one, or it gets traded in or sold and someone else purchases it as a used car – which means that person is now driving it.

Because we buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, we know that plenty of people sell cars, trucks, and SUVs that are just five or six years old for a variety of reasons. Some who move away from the islands simply don’t want to deal with the cost and hassle of having their car shipped, while others no longer need or want a vehicle they have and would rather have the cash. We also work with military personnel who are being relocated or deployed. Still, it’s surprising to know that a lot of the U.S. population is driving around in cars that are nearly a dozen years old! Why is this?

The biggest reason is that today’s newer cars have become more reliable, and there aren’t as many “lemons” around as there were two decades ago. According to an article at USA Today, automakers have overcome major quality issues in recent years, and have significantly improved the reliability of the vehicles they manufacture. Because of this, people hang on to their cars longer.

Now that you know, start paying closer attention to the age of the vehicles your friends, relatives, and neighbors drive! And if you’re looking for cash for cars on Oahu, be sure to give us a call at CarMark Hawaii.