Cash For Cars In Hawaii – A Car for Christmas Is Common

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We’ve all seen those commercials on television around the holidays where a spouse comes out of the house to see a brand-spanking new vehicle, complete with a gigantic red bow on top. Are cars really given as Christmas presents? Absolutely, according to Bloomberg Business. While the Christmas auto commercials may get a bit cheesy at times, it’s a top selling month for many dealerships. In fact, over a five-year period December was the top month for car sales in the U.S.

The fact is, December is a month when buyers can get a great deal, as many dealerships are looking to boost annual revenue and clear out their inventories of current models to make room for the new ones. Deep discounts attract buyers, and what better time to give a car as a gift than at Christmas?

Because we’re in the business of buying used cars for cash, we were interested in which kinds of cars are most popular as gifts at Christmas – and often end up with a big bow on top. Which five were the most popular in years’ past?

  • Lexus
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Jaguar
  • Honda
  • BMW

So, there you have it! Some people really are lucky enough to get a new (or nearly new) car for Christmas, all wrapped up with a pretty bow.

Whether you’re being gifted with a new car for Christmas and want to get rid of your current vehicle, or you simply need cash for cars in Hawaii so you’ll have a little extra spending money or be able to pay off those Christmas credit card debts, come see us at CarMark Hawaii today. No matter the reason, we’ll give you cash for your used car, van, truck, or SUV the same day you bring it in!