Leaving Hickam Air Force Base? What To Do With Your Car

leaving hickam air force base

If you have been stationed in Oahu and are now being relocated or leaving Hickam Air Force Base, you may be stumped when it comes to what to do with your car. Naturally, when you live on an island in the Pacific Ocean you can’t just drive your vehicle to California, North Carolina, or wherever you may be headed next! You have a few options; here are a few helpful tips and suggestions to help make the move as easy and stress-free as possible.

There are basically six things you can do with your car, truck, or SUV:

  • Just leave it sitting where it is – not an option for most people
  • Try to sell it to a car dealer – most want you to trade up to a newer model, and will give you just a fraction of what you car’s worth
  • Try to wholesale it out to a used car dealer
  • Sell it to an individual – there are lots of issues here, including the fact that considering today’s crime rates, it can be a bit intimidating to meet one-on-one with a stranger, particularly for women
  • Have your car shipped to California – this usually means big $$$
  • Trade your car for cash with a reputable used car buyer such as CarMark Hawaii


At CarMark Hawaii, we have been in the business of helping military personnel who are being relocated or deployed for nearly a quarter of a century. You bring your used car, truck, or SUV in, and leave with cash. The process is simple, as long as your car is in good shape, 8 years old or newer, and has 100,000 miles or less. Don’t have the title? No problem – in most cases, we can pay off the bank loan for you.

Moving is stressful enough, without having to figure out what to do with your vehicle. While you may want to take it with you, having it shipped often costs more than what an older vehicle may even be worth. Ditch the stress, and get on with your move. Call us at CarMark Hawaii today, and let us give you some cool cash for your used car.