Leaving Schofield Barracks? How To Sell Your Car In Honolulu

sell your car in honolulu

If you are in the Army and have been stationed at Schofield Barracks but are now leaving Hawaii, you may be wondering where to sell your car in Honolulu. At CarMark Hawaii, we have been in the used car buying business for more than 20 years. Our business actually began as a way to help individuals in the military who were being deployed or relocated sell their vehicles quickly, for a fair price.

Taking a car, truck, or SUV with you isn’t a simple process when you are leaving the island and headed for a new destination. The cost to ship a vehicle to California alone is enough to make up your mind, not to mention the hassle and the time it takes for a car to arrive – which could be weeks. We buy used cars of all makes and models, as long as they’re in good condition and 8 years old or newer, and have less than 100,000 miles. If you are getting ready to leave Schofield Barracks, you can count on us for a stress-free, quick, and simple process.

How does it work? It’s simple. Just make an appointment and bring in your vehicle, and we will assess it to make sure it meets our criteria. Even if your car, truck, or SUV isn’t paid off, we can pay off the bank loan in most cases. To ensure there are no hold ups, bring in the payoff or title info, a valid current registration, and valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders. Once we have determined that everything is in order, we will give you cash for your car that same day!

Working with individuals or car dealerships is a real hassle, and even when you think you’ve got your vehicle sold the deal could fall through. Make the move from Hawaii as easy on yourself and your family by bringing your car, truck, or SUV in to CarMark Hawaii today. Our friendly, helpful staff is ready to buy your used car today.