Military Transfer? We Buy Used Cars For Cash In Honolulu

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If you’re in the Navy and have been based at Pearl Harbor, you may be in a quandary about what to do with your vehicle if you’re transferring and moving off the island. Should you take it with you (which means shipping), leave it with family on the island, or just sell it? Much of your decision may depend on car worth, as it wouldn’t make much sense to spend more than your car’s worth to ship it to the mainland.

For those in the military, deciding what to do with your vehicle can be tough. Should you sell your used car to a dealer? The fact is, most will give you very little for your vehicle, and many don’t even want the hassle if you’re not intending to use it as a trade-in on a newer model.

Of course you could try to sell your car to a private buyer, but that takes time. There are lots of “tire kickers” and potential buyers who unfortunately have a garage sale mentality, wanting something for nothing. Then you’ll have those who are really interested in buying your used car, but who don’t have the cash and can’t get financing. Do you really have weeks or months to try to get the best deal?

For many in the military, a lemon lot is the best way to go. No doubt you’ve heard people say the car they got is a “lemon,” which means they’ve had lots of problems with it. In the military world, a lemon lot is simply a military resale lot that helps those in the Navy, Army, Marines, or other branch of the military who are moving or being deployed sell their vehicles quickly, and without jumping through hoops.

If you’re facing a military transfer and want to sell your used cars for cash in Honolulu, CarMark Hawaii is the place to go. We’ve been serving military personnel for nearly a quarter of a century, and we make the process easy. Just fill out our online appraisal form, and get cash for your car the same day!