Moving Away From Hawaii? Tips For Selling Your Used Car

selling your used car

If you’re in the military and leaving Hawaii, you may be thinking about selling your used car for cash. Understandably, many who are in the Air Force, Navy, or other branch of the military often need to sell a vehicle if they’re moving overseas, don’t want the hassle of driving two cars in a PCS move where you’re moving across the country, etc. Regardless, you want a good price. We have a few tips to help you get the best price for your vehicle.

Naturally, you want to make your car look as nice as possible for potential buyers. Wash the exterior, but also detail the inside by removing stains from the seats, carpet, or other parts of the interior and scrubbing the floor mats. You may want to polish or wax the exterior. The point is, you want to go beyond the basics and get your vehicle looking as new as possible.

Should you make repairs? This depends on whether your vehicle is older and the condition it’s in. Of course you want to keep records of substantial repairs and have the oil changed regularly, but you may also want to consider a tune-up or brake repair. If your car is a newer, more expensive model expect buyers will be looking for a car that’s nearly perfect. If it’s several years old and showing its age, don’t invest too much in repairs that are cosmetic, as this eats away at your profit.

Have a good idea what your vehicle’s worth. There are several online sites that calculate the market value of your car depending on whether you’re marketing it to dealers or individuals. When using these sites, be honest about your car’s condition so that you aren’t disappointed when you find a buyer. If it’s in fair condition, don’t list it as good or excellent – you’ll only be disappointed. For an accurate estimate of your car’s value, be sure to include options, condition of the interior, mileage, and other factors listed on many of these sites.

If you’re stationed at Pearl Harbor and being deployed, you can choose to store your vehicle, sell it to an individual or dealer, ship it overseas, or work with a company such as CarMark Hawaii who buys used cars for cash in Honolulu. We’ve been working with military personnel for decades, and make selling your vehicle an easy, stress-free process. Call us today!