Oahu Used Car Buyers – KBB’s Cheap but ‘Cool’ Cars

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Kelley Blue Book always has all kinds of reviews, news, and top 10 lists. We know that most teens and twenty-somethings (and even many thirty- and forty-somethings) would love to have a “cool” car, but most of them seem a bit out of reach in terms of price. In 2015, KBB released their opinion of the 10 coolest cars that cost less than $18,000 as of May, but what were they? Check out their favorites below!

The Fiat 500 for those who like a European look, and would go for fuel economy – 31 to 40 MPG estimated city/highway.

The all-wheel drive Subaru Impreza made the list, although the fuel economy is a bit lower at 27 to 36 MPG. KBB says this car gets cooler as it gets older!

A subcompact that’s loaded with fun, the Chevrolet Sonic had the lowest price of any car that made the list!

The Honda Fit offers an impressive 33/41 MPG, and offers amazing versatility along with personality.

What about a subcompact with European driving dynamics? This is what you’ll find in the Ford Fiesta.

With its “cool” coupe configuration and reliability, of course the Honda Civic had to be on the list!

Of course there had to be a Jeep on the list for all those who enjoy life off the beaten path – the Jeep Renegade is a cool subcompact SUV.

With its ready for anything versatility and distinct design, the Kia Soul made the coolest cars for under $18,000 list.

Offering hatchback flexibility and interior appeal of a European sports sedan, the Volkswagen Golf is no doubt cool!

Tech-savvy and gorgeous, the Mazda Mazda3 gets up to 41 MPG on the highway, not too shabby!

What do you think about the “coolest” cars of 2015 that are also some of the most affordable?

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