Safe, Fast Way To Sell Your Used Car In Honolulu

Sell Your Used Car in Honolulu

At CarMark Hawaii, we know there are many reasons people want to trade their used cars in for cash. You may be in the military and are being deployed, or perhaps you are moving away from Hawaii. It could be that you simply don’t want or need your car, truck, or SUV any longer, and would rather have the money. Whatever the reason, we offer a safe, fast way to sell your used car in Honolulu.

We’ve been in business for nearly a quarter of a century, so you can trust us for fair, friendly service. There are times when owners are not interested in “trading up,” and simply want cash for their used vehicles. Go to a new or used car dealership, and chances are they won’t be interested in buying your used car if you aren’t looking to trade – or, if they do, it will be a deal that’s highly in their favor, and not yours.

If you’re moving away from Honolulu, you may have already found out that shipping your vehicle inland costs more than your car is worth, if it’s nine or ten years old. Even if your vehicle is worth $4,000, is it really worth spending $1,500 or $2,000 to have it shipped? Whatever your reasons, when you just want to sell your used car for cash in Honolulu, we are the professionals to turn to.

For more than 20 years we have been at the same location, providing our services to those who want a simple process and little hassle. Even if your car isn’t paid for, we work with bank and credit unions on the Mainland, as well as those that are local to Oahu. Have a car, truck, or SUV that’s a 2004 or newer model with 120,000 mile or less on the odometer? Call us for an appointment today, and take the stress out of trying to sell your used car.