Sell Your Used Car For Cash In Honolulu, The Easy Way

car for cash in honolulu

Perhaps you’re in the Air Force or Navy, stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and are leaving the island, or you’re a civilian who simply wants to sell a used vehicle without the hassle. Either way, there are options when it comes to selling your used car for cash in Honolulu!

Military men and women who are deploying often need to get rid of a vehicle, simply because it’s a hassle (and a big expense) to have it shipped to the mainland. In some cases, the shipping costs are more than what the car’s even worth! Selling your car, truck, or SUV on Craigslist can be risky – we’ve all heard some of the horror stories associated with this online ad service. What about dropping by some of the auto dealers around the area to see what kind of a deal they could work? Probably a waste of time, considering most want you to trade your vehicle in on a newer model, want to give you a laughable amount for your car, or don’t want to mess with it at all.

When you’re looking for someone to buy your used car for cash it can be a headache. It can also take much more time than you imagine, between fielding calls from the ad you put in the newspaper or shopping your vehicle around town.

Whether you’re a civilian who simply wants cash for your car or a member of the military who’s leaving Hawaii and in a quandary as to what to do with your vehicle, there’s an easy solution – work with CarMark Hawaii!

As long as your used vehicle is a 2007 or newer model with less than 100,000 miles, it’s easy to sell your car and walk away with cash the same day. We buy all makes including Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, VW, Honda, and many more. Just fill out our online appraisal form, then we’ll give you a call to come in and make a deal!

You can get the cash you want for your car the same day you bring it in in most cases. Make life easier and enjoy one less stressful situation – bring your used car to CarMark Hawaii in Honolulu today, and get the cash you want now. We’re proud to help those in the military who are leaving JBPHH and need an easy, fair solution!