Sell Your Used Car in Honolulu: Best Lease Deals for January

sell your used car in honolulu

If you want to sell your used car in Honolulu for immediate cash, it may be because you simply no longer want or need it, or because you’re considering buying or leasing another vehicle. Whatever the reason, CarMark Hawaii recently came across a few great lease offers for those who would rather lease than buy a vehicle.

According to an article at US News & World Report, January lease deals offered by manufacturers include low monthly payments; the down payment will vary depending on the make/model, but can be up to several thousand dollars. Most of the lease terms are for two to three months, however some are offering a 39-month lease, including BMW and Buick.

A few of the vehicles you can lease in January for a low monthly lease payment of $250 or even less include the Chevrolet Sonic, Mazda3, Toyota Prius, Buick Encore, and Nissan Altima. Certain manufacturers are offering a lease that requires no down payment on the Acura RDX, Honda Accord, and Mazda MX-5 Miata. As you would guess, luxury cars have higher monthly lease payments. These vehicles include the Lexus ES, Acura TLX, and BMW X5.

There are advantages and disadvantages to leasing a car, but many people choose to lease instead of purchase, usually because the down payment is lower and lessees enjoy having a new vehicle every three years which gives them access to the newest high-tech features and the latest technology.

Regardless, if you want to get in on any of these lease deals, most are good for another week or so. If you’re looking for a company who buys used cars in the Honolulu area, come see us at CarMark Hawaii. Bring your used vehicle (2007) or newer model in, and leave with cash!