Sell Your Used Vehicle For Cash In Honolulu Today!

sell your used vehicle

If you’re stationed at JBPHH and leaving the island or being deployed, you may be wondering what to do about your vehicle, among other things. Because we buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, you can put at least one worry behind you immediately!

Trying to sell your used vehicle can be a huge hassle, depending on whether you try to sell to an individual or work with a dealer. Maybe you’ve considered putting ads online or in the newspaper, but how much time do you have to get the deal done? You don’t want to give your vehicle away either, and having it shipped to the mainland can cost a small fortune. Whether you’re in the Air Force or other arm of the military, or someone who’s not in the military at all but looking to sell your used car for cash, we make it easy.

With no hidden costs or fees, all you need to do is fill out our online appraisal form so we can determine how much your car’s worth. Unlike many companies who work in “junk” cars, we deal only in good used cars that are 2007 or newer models with 100,000 miles or less. Once we’ve determined everything’s in order, you simply bring your vehicle in and we pay you cash on the spot – whether your car’s paid for or not. What could be simpler?

Whether you’re in the military or a civilian, we know selling a used car can be a huge hassle and takes more time and effort than you expect. Maybe you could use a little extra cash for Christmas, or have a car you just don’t need anymore that’s doing nothing but taking up space on your property. No matter what the reason, trust CarMark Hawaii when you’re looking to sell your used car for cash on Oahu!