Sell Your Vehicle On Oahu When Leaving Wheeler Army Base

sell car wheeler army base

Being deployed or relocated from Wheeler Army Airfield base can leave you in quite a predicament when it comes to your vehicle. Whether you have an SUV, car, or pick-up truck, you may have rolled over in your mind a few times whether to try to sell it to a car dealer or individual, or take it with you to your new destination. There are problems with each of these scenarios, so why not just sell your used car to a dealer who specializes in buying used vehicles for cash? At CarMark Hawaii, we began our business more than 25 years ago specifically to help those in the armed services. While we have expanded our services to others, we still focus on helping those in the military today.

Selling your used car to an individual requires listing it in the newspaper or advertising on the radio – and then, you’re likely to get a lot of ‘interested’ people who really don’t have the money and are just dreaming. Or, you may get interested buyers who want to haggle with you over price and give you far less than you want for your vehicle. New car dealers don’t usually dabble in buying used cars; they want you to trade up to a newer model. This doesn’t help your situation at all when you are leaving the island!

Whatever the reason you are leaving Wheeler Army Airfield, having your car shipped inland can cost a small fortune. How much is your car worth currently, and do you have a few thousand dollars laying around to pay for having it shipped? It will also take a few weeks for your vehicle to get to its destination. The easiest solution of all is to bring your used car to CarMark Hawaii, where we will trade you cash for your vehicle on the spot.

The process is easy, and there are only a few requirements. If your vehicle is a 2007 or newer model with 100,000 miles or less and in good condition, you’re in business. Even if you have a 2010 model you haven’t paid off yet, we can probably pay the bank off for you. We’re super-easy to deal with, so why not come on by and get at least one of your worries off your mind? CarMark Hawaii employs friendly, helpful staff members who are dedicated to a smooth, hassle-free experience for our customers. Trying to sell your vehicle on Oahu with little to no fuss? Come see us today, or call for an appointment.