Selling Your Car For Cash, And What Can Kill Resale Value

car for cash

If you’ve decided to sell your used car for cash in Honolulu, you may be someone who simply would rather have the money than the vehicle, or maybe you’re a military member stationed at Hickam AFB who’s leaving the island. Regardless of the reason you’re selling your car or who you sell it to (individual, car dealer, lemon lot, etc.) there are certain things that can substantially impact your vehicle’s resale value. We’ve included a few of those things below.

Making changes to a vehicle. Most buyers prefer a car in “stock” condition, that is with all components and features as they were when the vehicle was new. By tinting the windows, lowering or “slamming” a car so that it nearly sits on the ground, or adding other customizations such as a spoiler or loud exhaust system, you’re actually lowering the car’s value.

Not keeping maintenance records. Keeping documents related to oil changes, tune-ups, work summaries of repairs made, and other records are vital to getting the most out of your vehicle. Without these records, a potential buyer won’t know whether you’ve taken care of the car, or what condition it’s really in.

Scratches, dings, etc. Someone who buys a used car wants one that’s in good shape cosmetically. Whether you have an area or two that could be repaired with touch-up paint, need a good rubbing compound to take out minor scratches, or have a small dent that a body shop could take care of for a couple hundred bucks, you want your vehicle to look its very best. In most cases you’ll recoup any money spent to make these minor fixes.

Whether you’re in the Air Force or Army and leaving Hawaii, are being deployed, or you’re a civilian who’s simply looking to get cash for your used car, count on the professional team at CarMark Hawaii to give you a fair deal without hassles or jumping through hoops! We buy used cars for cash on Oahu, so you can get money for your vehicle the same day you bring it in in most cases.