Selling Car For Cash – What Structural Frame Damage Means

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You may be in the Air Force stationed at Hickam AFB and are leaving the island, or you may be a civilian who simply wants to sell your used car for cash in Honolulu for any one of many reasons. Regardless, because we don’t deal in so-called “junk” cars and require that the vehicles we buy have no structural frame damage, a lot of folks wonder what that really means.

Basically, frame damage, whether minor or serious, impacts the structural integrity of a vehicle; this often occurs when a car is involved in an accident and a component of the main body or frame is damaged. The most common structure for cars today is the unibody construction. This essentially means the frame and body are constructed of a single piece of metal.

Ultimately, damage to the frame or body results in weaknesses in “crumple” zones which are designed to protect the passengers inside a vehicle. When these zones are weakened, it can mean substantially more damage should the vehicle become involved in another accident – and puts passengers’ safety at risk.

Structural frame damage can occur when a vehicle is struck in an accident at a critical point of its structure. This may result in damage such as cracking, bending, or shifting. Even worse, the damage can cause other areas to be weakened or damaged.

What are the signs that a vehicle may have structural frame damage?

  • The trunk, hood, doors, or windows have been replaced
  • Welding marks located under the hood, or a “rough” or inconsistent paint job or finish on the hood
  • Hoods, doors, or trunks that don’t close as they should
  • Indications that a straightening machine has been used such as gashes or holes on the frame (clamp marks)

At CarMark Hawaii, we buy cars for cash in Honolulu from military personnel who are deploying, or anyone who wants to sell a used vehicle simply and without a hassle. To learn more about whether your car qualifies, visit our website!