Tips For Selling Your Used Car For Cash In Honolulu

car for cash

Whether you’re in the military and leaving Hawaii due to deployment, or you’re a civilian who wants to sell your used car for cash in the Honolulu area, there are some important things to do before you jump in with both feet. A lot of times those stationed at Hickam AFB don’t have weeks or months to sell their used cars, and you have to take action swiftly. We have a few suggestions that will help make your efforts more successful.

First, if you intend to list your vehicle online, it’s vital you take great photos. Find a nice location in the sunshine if possible, and take plenty of photos from every angle, including the interior of the vehicle. Of course before you do this, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is spic and span inside and out! Give it a good wash and even wax it if necessary, using a good quality wax.

Putting an ad in the newspaper or online? Even if you’ve proofread the ad a dozen times, have someone else do it as well. It’s often hard to see our own mistakes, and a second pair of eyes will ensure you don’t have any spelling errors or appear as though you’re yelling at the reader by one of the worst mistakes, writing your ad in all caps!

Know what your car’s worth. How in the world can you price it to an individual or dealer if you have no idea how much it’s worth? You can find out quickly using Kelley Blue Book.

Be sure your friends are aware that you’re looking to sell your vehicle. It’s not uncommon for a friend or even a family member to want to buy a vehicle from someone they know and trust – and you can avoid working through dozens of strangers who want to kick tires and haggle on price.

Whether you’re in the Army, Air Force, or other branch of the military, if you’re being deployed or leaving the island for any other reason, the simplest thing to do is work with a dealer who specializes in buying used cars for cash in Honolulu. At CarMark Hawaii, we don’t put the pressure on – and we don’t expect you to trade up to another vehicle. Primarily, we buy used vehicles and give you cash on the spot. What could be easier or less stressful? Give us a call today, and enjoy a hassle-free experience.