Getting The Most – Selling Used Car For Cash In Honolulu

car for cash in honolulu

If you’re thinking about selling your used car for cash in Honolulu, it’s important to realize a few things. Whether you’re in the military and deploying or moving from the island or a civilian who simply wants the cash for whatever reason, it’s natural to want the most money you can get for your car, truck, or SUV!

First of all, know that you’ll never get as much as you paid for the vehicle. This is just common sense; cars depreciate over time, no matter what make or model it is. If you paid $17,000 for your vehicle in 2013, you can’t expect to sell it for $16,000 in 2017 – it just doesn’t work that way!

That said, there are certainly some things you can do to make sure your vehicle brings the most money possible. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to selling a used car for cash, all vehicles are not created equal. In other words, if you have a vehicle and you see the exact same vehicle in terms of make and model, features, etc. it doesn’t mean they’re worth the same amount of money. One car may have fewer miles logged, newer tires, and simply be in better condition overall, than the other. Scratches, dings, bald tires, a neglected interior – all of these things come into play when trying to sell your vehicle.

How can you get the most for your car, regardless of how you sell it or who you sell it to? Make sure it’s mechanically sound; you may want to have a trusted mechanic check it out. Hopefully you have all of the documentation regarding any repairs, services, oil changes, etc. you’ve had done on the vehicle, as this helps potential buyers see that the car has been properly maintained. Last but not least, clean and shine every inch of your car on the inside and out, even cleaning cup holders or shampooing stains in the carpet or upholstery. It’s that important if you want to get the best price for your vehicle.

At CarMark Hawaii we buy your used car for cash in Honolulu; however, unlike many other dealers we buy only quality vehicles. If you’re stationed at Hickam AFB and are leaving Hawaii or are someone who lives in the area and wants to sell your car, just fill out our online appraisal form. We make it super simple – and even if your car isn’t paid for, chances are we can make a deal!