Getting The Most – Selling Used Car For Cash In Honolulu

If you're thinking about selling your used car for cash in Honolulu, it's important to realize a few things. Whether you're in the military and deploying or moving from the island or a civilian who simply wants the cash for whatever reason, it's natural to want the most money you can get for your car, truck, or SUV! First of all, know that you'll never get as much as you paid for the vehicle. … [Read more...]

Sell Your Car For Cash – What Could You Do With The Money?

Do you have an older car you don't really use or need? Maybe you're in the military and deploying, or your residence is Oahu and you're trying to come up with a few ideas of what you could do with the proceeds from your used car, truck, van, or SUV. Some people like to stick the money in the bank for a rainy day, but there are lots of things you could do instead! We buy used cars for cash in … [Read more...]

It’s Easy To Sell Your Used Car For Cash In Honolulu

With Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, we can finally relax a little and breathe easier. The holidays can be stressful and packed with activities and things to do, but when it's all over with, it's time to "chill out" - unless, that is, you're trying to sell your used car for cash on Oahu. In that case, you may find it's not so easy and stress-free. Not to worry, we have the … [Read more...]

Military Friendly Used Car Buyers In Oahu Share Car News

While we are used car buyers in Oahu, we also keep our eye on the latest auto news. If you're leaving the island after being deployed from JBPHH or are relocating, perhaps you're in a bit of a dilemma as to what to do with your used vehicle. The answer to that one is simple - give CarMark Hawaii a call! Now onto the latest news, but keep reading to learn more about our used car buying process … [Read more...]

Sell Your Used Car In Oahu – Easy For Military And Civilians

Whether you're in the military and being deployed from Pearl Harbor or a civilian in the Honolulu area, we know selling your used car can be a hassle. Why not take the easy route, and sell your used car in Oahu for cash to professionals in the business for nearly a quarter of a century? If you're a civilian, you may be looking to sell your car, truck, or SUV because you no longer need it, or … [Read more...]

We Buy Cars For Cash From Military Members And Civilians

You may be stationed at JPBHH and are deploying, or perhaps you're a civilian who lives in the Honolulu area and is moving away from the island. Regardless of your situation, we buy used cars for cash, making at least one aspect of the moving process easier! No doubt Oahu is a wonderful place to live, but sometimes life's situations change. Those in the Army, Air Force, Navy, or other branch … [Read more...]

Moving From Oahu? We Buy Used Cars For Cash

Whether you're in the military and currently stationed at Fort Wheeler but will be leaving the island, or a civilian who's moving away from Hawaii, you may be wondering what to do with your vehicle. Many people decide it makes more sense to work with a lemon lot who buys used cars for cash rather than try to sell it themselves or ship their cars to the mainland. A lot of the decision depends … [Read more...]

How Honolulu Military Can Sell Their Used Cars For Cash

If you're in the military and based in Honolulu, you may or may not be familiar with the term "lemon lot." While you may expect that these lots are where military personnel go to sell "lemons," or vehicles with problems, this really isn't the case. Resale lots that cater to members of the military are often referred to as lemon lots, and it's actually a jestful term of endearment. Essentially, … [Read more...]

Does Shipping Your Car From Hawaii Make Sense?

Making a move from Honolulu to the mainland is a huge undertaking. You may be moving for career reasons, to be closer to family, or because you're in the military and are being relocated. Whatever the reason, it's often a difficult choice to make when it comes to shipping your car from Hawaii, especially if it's an older model. We buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, and want to help you make … [Read more...]

Sell Your Used Car for Cash in Honolulu Today

If you're interested in selling your used car for cash in Honolulu but you don't want to wait for weeks or months, we buy used cars for cash, and in most cases customers get the money they need on the spot. You may be a member of the military who is relocating or being deployed, or perhaps you're moving away from Hawaii and don't want to go through the hassle and expense of having your vehicle … [Read more...]