Need to Sell Your Used Car for Cash in Honolulu Today?

Many people spend more than they can really afford over the holidays on Christmas gifts, parties, entertaining, etc. After it's all over and a new year has begun, you quickly realize you have more debt than you expected. If you have a car, truck, or SUV sitting around that you really don't use or need, selling your used car for cash in Honolulu is a great way to get some extra money to pay off … [Read more...]

Sell Your Used Car in Honolulu? We Buy Cars for Cash

There are lots of reasons people want to sell a used vehicle, whether a 2008 Hyundai, a 2010 Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Kia, or any other brand. You may be in the military and are relocating or have been deployed. Maybe you live in the area, and are looking for some extra cash so you can give your family a great Christmas, and you really don't need the car. Or, perhaps … [Read more...]

Honolulu Used Car Buyers Reveal Auto Industry Scandals

While Volkswagen's been in the news of late due to the resignation of Martin Winterkorn, the company's AG chief executive officer, over alleged faked diesel emissions testing, they're certainly not the first auto manufacturer to find themselves involved in a scandal and surrounded by controversy. Since the 1960s, there have been quite a few scandals making headlines around the world and across … [Read more...]

Cash for Cars – Steel vs. Aluminum & Plastics in Car Industry

At CarMark Hawaii, our business is buying used cars for cash in Honolulu. Because we've been in this business for more than a quarter of a century, we know a lot about the automotive industry - such as the fact that for decades, vehicles have been constructed of steel for the most part. Now, steelmakers are having a tough time staying in front in the auto industry, thanks to the rise of aluminum … [Read more...]

Car News – The Chevy Bolt Will Create 300 Jobs in Michigan

Recently, a car news article at USA Today covered the Chevrolet Bolt, an electric vehicle that is schedule to come out sometime in 2017 along with another vehicle which has yet to be disclosed. The assembly of the new electric Bolt is expected to result in the hiring of about 300 workers at GM's Orion Township assembly plant in Michigan. GM reduced production earlier in June due to falling … [Read more...]

Used Cars for Cash – How to Clean Car’s Fabric Upholstery

Vinyl and leather automotive upholstery are easier to clean, however if your vehicle has fabric upholstery, the job involves a little more work - but it can be done. At CarMark Hawaii, we're familiar with the steps involved to clean all types of upholstery because we buy used cars for cash, which means a bit of cleaning is often necessary. Basically, fabric upholstery can be cleaned by … [Read more...]

Honolulu Used Car Buyers – 10 Trucks for Best Gas Mileage

At CarMark Hawaii, our business is buying used cars. When you're looking to sell your car in Honolulu for cash, you can count on our team of professionals for a pleasant, efficient experience. As Honolulu used car buyers, We thought some of you who prefer pick-up trucks may be interested to learn which trucks offer the best gas mileage. We've compiled a list below of the top 10 according to … [Read more...]

Hawaii Car News – 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition

Recently, an article at Car and Driver covered the 2016 Camry Special Edition, said to be Toyota's attempt to add a "little edge" to the Camry's reputation. One of the best selling cars in the U.S. for many years, the Camry has always been considered highly reliable, however not one of the sportiest or most appealing vehicles in terms of looks. Although Toyota plans to make only 12,000 of the … [Read more...]

Honolulu Used Car Buyers: Avoid Autonomous Cars?

Even though we buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, we still find most news or information related to the auto industry interesting - particularly when the vehicle is a bit odd, such as vehicles that drives themselves! Would you be afraid to ride in a car that's apparently capable of taking you where you want to go on its own? Or do you feel these cars are designed to steal our freedom and make … [Read more...]

Used Car Buyers – Top Cars For Less Than $25,000

As trusted Honolulu used car buyers, we know that it's a rare occasion for most folks to be able to buy a car for someone as a Christmas present. Still, it does happen, especially when the car is affordable. For many people, a vehicle with a price tag of under $25,000 makes it an affordable purchase, so if you're looking to "give big" this Christmas season and light up your child or significant … [Read more...]