Used Car Buyers – Top Cars For Less Than $25,000

As trusted Honolulu used car buyers, we know that it's a rare occasion for most folks to be able to buy a car for someone as a Christmas present. Still, it does happen, especially when the car is affordable. For many people, a vehicle with a price tag of under $25,000 makes it an affordable purchase, so if you're looking to "give big" this Christmas season and light up your child or significant … [Read more...]

Need Cash For Christmas? We Buy Used Cars In Honolulu

With Christmas just two weeks away, you may be looking for a little extra cash so that you can buy gifts for loved ones, your "significant other," or your kids. At CarMark Hawaii, we buy used cars in Honolulu for cash, offering our customers a friendly environment and staff members who want to make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible. We've been in the business of buying used … [Read more...]

Hawaii Car News: Ford’s Future At Detroit Auto Show

According to an article at Car and Driver, Ford will be bringing plenty to the Detroit auto show next month, including the Ford Fiesta ST, Focus RS, F-150 SVT Raptor, and the Mustang Shelby GT35oR. Here's what we've heard about some of the vehicles expected to be found at the Ford booth in the Motor City. The Mustang Shelby GT35oR is said to be Ford's answer to Chevrolet's Camaro Z/28, … [Read more...]

Used Car Buyers – What Man Doesn’t Love These Used Cars?

At CarMark Hawaii, we buy used cars for cash. Because of the work we do, we constantly research the type of cars most popular, whether new or used. Recently, we came across an article at Esquire that revealed the top used car picks for men - and these picks were based on depreciation making their top picks better than new cars, not the price of new cars. So, what are the top picks of … [Read more...]

Leaving Fort Shafter – Need To Sell A Used Vehicle In Hawaii

If you have been stationed in Hawaii at Fort Shafter and are now planning to leave the island, you may be looking to sell your used car, truck, or SUV. For military personnel who move around frequently, it's often just easier to sell a vehicle than to try to take it with you, particularly when you travel overseas. At CarMark Hawaii, we make it easy for those in the army to sell a used vehicle in … [Read more...]

Sell Used Car In Hawaii – Moving? Ship Your Car Or Sell It?

If you currently live in Honolulu or surrounding areas of Hawaii and plan to be moving to the continental U.S., you have probably had plenty to think about. Shipping your belongings can be extremely costly, particularly furniture and other bulky or heavy items. What should you do with your car, truck, or SUV? Maybe you have considered having it shipped as well, but think perhaps you would be … [Read more...]