Car News – Automakers And D.O.T. To Improve Recalls

Because we buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, we're well aware of what goes on in the auto industry by keeping up with all the car news. Over the years, there have been far too many recalls, not to mention the lives lost and injuries attributed to safety defects. Recently it was announced that 17 automakers pledged to work together with the DOT to improve recalls and enhance safety. In … [Read more...]

Car News – 2015 Very Successful Year for U.S. Auto Industry

It's hard to believe 2015 is already come and gone, and we're moving into a new year. According to a recent car news article at the New York Times, the auto industry had a stellar year in 2015 - in fact, it looks as though when the final tally comes in, auto sales in the U.S. will eclipse the previous record set in 2000 of 17.4 million vehicles sold! However, the market looks very different from … [Read more...]

Car News – Ford F-150 Pickup Knocked it Out of the Park

Anyone who knows anything about pickup trucks knows that Ford has had a winner on its hands with the F-150 pickup for decades; in fact, it's been the best-selling truck in America for 32 years! Many may have wondered how the new aluminum-alloy body would impact sales and performance, but it seems it's been nothing but great news for this amazing pickup, recently named 2015 North American Truck of … [Read more...]

Car News – Auto Industry Sales in October Rise

According to a recent car news article in the New York Times, the auto industry in the U.S. has seen its best sales in the month of October this year than those for a one-month time period in 10 years. Of course Volkswagen was not part of this, considering their sales were virtually flat following the emissions tests cheating scandal. Karl Brauer, analyst with auto research firm Kelley Blue … [Read more...]

Car News – September Was Good for Auto Industry, Except VW

At CarMark Hawaii, our business is buying used cars for cash. Because of the industry we're in, we're always interested in any car news. Most people are aware of the VW scandal that's been in the news of late, due to the company's "cheating" when it comes to emissions tests. How did the auto industry fare overall for the month of September? Fairly well, according to a recent article at the … [Read more...]

Car News – Volkswagen Tops Toyota on a Global Basis

According to a recent car news article at Nasdaq, many automakers are set to have the best year in 2015 since the Great Recession, with projected sales of about 17 million new vehicles. Although people have been holding on to their vehicles longer, Autodata research indicates that so far this year, vehicles have been snatched up quicker this year than in the past 10 years. Why? Americans are … [Read more...]

Used Car Buyer – American Cars Changing Due To Women

Over our more than 25 years in the cars for cash industry, the staff at CarMark Hawaii has certainly seen many changes not only in the auto industry, but those who drive cars. Today, more women than ever before drive cars, SUVs, and even trucks. According to a recent article at CBS News, women constitute 50.5 percent of all drivers. What does this mean for automakers? Change. Because … [Read more...]

Hawaii Car News – Google’s Latest Self-Driving Car

A recent article at ABC News reveals that Google's latest version of the search engine giant's self-driving car will make its appearance this summer on public roadways. According to Google, the pod-like two-seater is capable of driving, braking, and recognizing road hazards with no help from humans! With a shiny black bowler that conceals the car's sensors, some say it looks like a Smart car. … [Read more...]

Hawaii Car News – EO Smart Connecting Car 2

Looking for more Hawaii car news? Recently, it was announced that a Bremen, Germany company, DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, has designed an electric vehicle that can shrink, turn on a dime, and drive sideways. The EO Smart Connecting Car 2, first announced in 2012, has morphed into a vehicle that can reach top speeds of 40 mph and travel approximately 30 to 40 miles on a four-hour full charge … [Read more...]

Hawaii Car News – 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition

Recently, an article at Car and Driver covered the 2016 Camry Special Edition, said to be Toyota's attempt to add a "little edge" to the Camry's reputation. One of the best selling cars in the U.S. for many years, the Camry has always been considered highly reliable, however not one of the sportiest or most appealing vehicles in terms of looks. Although Toyota plans to make only 12,000 of the … [Read more...]