Car News – The Chevy Bolt Will Create 300 Jobs in Michigan

Recently, a car news article at USA Today covered the Chevrolet Bolt, an electric vehicle that is schedule to come out sometime in 2017 along with another vehicle which has yet to be disclosed. The assembly of the new electric Bolt is expected to result in the hiring of about 300 workers at GM's Orion Township assembly plant in Michigan. GM reduced production earlier in June due to falling … [Read more...]

Hawaii Electric Cars – As Gas Drops, Will Electric Keep Up?

Electric cars have become more and more popular in recent years, as consumers want to do their part to improve the environment and save on gas costs. At CarMark Hawaii, we buy used cars for cash, and because of the industry we're in, we keep up with fuel costs. Just two years ago, gas prices were astronomical at $3.50 per gallon and more across the U.S. Today, gas is around $2 to $2.50 on … [Read more...]