Have A Used Car? We Buy Used Cars For Cash In Honolulu

If you live on Oahu, perhaps in the military and based at JBPHH, you may have a used car that's in good condition that you're looking to sell. We buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, but what sets us apart from some of the other companies in this industry? Most buy junkers, clunkers, or vehicles that aren't running - basically heaps of metal. We don't. We only purchase vehicles that are in good … [Read more...]

Leaving JBPHH In Hawaii – What To Do With Your Used Car

When you're leaving JBPHH or being deployed it can be stressful, to say the least. Deployment often creates emotional issues when families are involved, and there are many challenges which may include not only relationships, but legal and other issues as well. Selling your used car should not be another challenge or stressful issue to add to your list! Few service members who are in the Air … [Read more...]

Leaving Kaneohe MCB? Sell Your Used Car For Cash

Those stationed at Kaneohe Bay MCB know it's one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Many Marines who leave Hawaii and the base truly miss it, because it really is a tropical paradise. If you're leaving Kaneohe MCB, moving off the island, and need to sell your used car, you may have limited time to get this accomplished. Sure, you could have your car, truck, or SUV shipped to the … [Read more...]

Does Shipping Your Car From Hawaii Make Sense?

Making a move from Honolulu to the mainland is a huge undertaking. You may be moving for career reasons, to be closer to family, or because you're in the military and are being relocated. Whatever the reason, it's often a difficult choice to make when it comes to shipping your car from Hawaii, especially if it's an older model. We buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, and want to help you make … [Read more...]

Car News – Takata Airbags Recall

Defective airbags have been the biggest recall in auto industry history, and it may be getting even larger according to recent car news, which reveals Japanese manufacturer Takata may be adding another 70 to 990 million airbag inflators to the recall. Our position as buyers of used cars for cash in Honolulu compels us to make consumers aware of these dangers so that they can avoid possible … [Read more...]

Car News – Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Casts Pall

At CarMark Hawaii, we buy used cars for cash in Honolulu - including VW's. We thought some of our readers may find the car news below interesting. Last September, the EPA revealed that Volkswagen cheated on U.S. emissions tests by using a "defeat device" software. A recent survey conducted by AutoList reveals that not only has the public's confidence in German-made cars been shaken, many … [Read more...]

Honolulu Used Car Buyers Reveal Fun & Interesting Car Facts

We buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, and have for more than two decades. In our business, we've come across quite a few interesting and fun car facts we thought readers would enjoy. Some of them you may be aware of, others maybe not. Enjoy! Ever forgot which side of the car your gas tank is on, or been driving a car you've never driven and weren't familiar with? Your car's fuel indicator … [Read more...]

Car News – Automakers And D.O.T. To Improve Recalls

Because we buy used cars for cash in Honolulu, we're well aware of what goes on in the auto industry by keeping up with all the car news. Over the years, there have been far too many recalls, not to mention the lives lost and injuries attributed to safety defects. Recently it was announced that 17 automakers pledged to work together with the DOT to improve recalls and enhance safety. In … [Read more...]

Need to Sell Your Used Car for Cash in Honolulu Today?

Many people spend more than they can really afford over the holidays on Christmas gifts, parties, entertaining, etc. After it's all over and a new year has begun, you quickly realize you have more debt than you expected. If you have a car, truck, or SUV sitting around that you really don't use or need, selling your used car for cash in Honolulu is a great way to get some extra money to pay off … [Read more...]

Car News – 2015 Very Successful Year for U.S. Auto Industry

It's hard to believe 2015 is already come and gone, and we're moving into a new year. According to a recent car news article at the New York Times, the auto industry had a stellar year in 2015 - in fact, it looks as though when the final tally comes in, auto sales in the U.S. will eclipse the previous record set in 2000 of 17.4 million vehicles sold! However, the market looks very different from … [Read more...]